March 5th, 2024 – Knucwectsut.s (Help yourself) with Wayne M. Christian

Learn about Intergenerational Healing begins with Self with Wenecwtsin (Wayne) Christian!

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Date: Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 (PST)
Time: 10 a.m. to 11:30 am
Where: Free online via Zoom

About the Presenters:


Wenecwtsin (Big Voice that speaks the Truth) Former Kukpi7 of Splatsin & Tribal Chief of Secwepemc 

Wayne M. Christian is of Secwepemc ancestry. His Indian name is Wenecwtsin (Big voice that speaks the truth) it comes from his great grandfather. He is a proud father of seven children and twenty-seven Grandchildren. Kukpi7 (Chief) Christian was re-elected in 2005 for 6 consecutive 2 year terms and a 7thterm for 4 years as Chief of Splatsin January 10th, 2018. Kukpi7 Christian was elected to Council at the age of 23 in 1977and elected as Chief at 25 in 1979.Kukpi7 Christian has worked for over 40 years in establishing healing and health systems for the Indigenous Nations of BC. Christian has worked for  about 20 years in the healing relam – 14 years at the Round Lake Treatment Centre and 5 years with the Community Health Assoicates of BC.(Front line workers)

Christian was one of the Tribal Chiefs of the Secwepemc Nation representing 9 of the 17 communities of the Secwepemc Nation with responsibilities’ for Stsmamlth (Children) & Aboriginal Title and Rights, serving as Tribal Chief for 12 years.


Kukpi7 Christian in his first role as Chief lead two major initiatives in fighting for our rights; the Indian Child Caravan 1980 and the Constitution Express 1980 and 1981 – fighting for recognition of our laws and jurisdictions for our lands resources and people. 

He is committed to unravel the legislative genocide that removed our governance from our territories; our families; to rebuild the Secwepemc Nation. 


One of Christian’s greatest strengths is commitment that is firmly rooted in the values, principles and traditions of the Indigenous Nations. His leadership philosophy is based on inclusiveness, spirituality, traditional knowledge rooted in our oral history, a strong belief in our Sovereign land title and rights that are governed by our laws, our values, culture, traditions and our connection with all of creation, he believes strongly that the solutions to the issues in the communities are rooted in the minds, hearts and spirits of the People who will deal with the Government’s legislative genocide.

He is known as a tireless and passionate advocate for recognition of Aboriginal Title and Rights at the political and grassroots levels for the Indigenous Nations and communities, he believes that the children are our future and the future is right now. Whatever it takes the time is now.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for” 



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