The UBC Learning Circle welcomes everyone to be part of the learning journey!

We welcome you to take part in the UBC Learning Circle, an ongoing video conference and computer webinar initiative that encourages sharing knowledge about our health and well-being. The UBC Learning Circle is a partnership between the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health and the First Nations Health Authority. Our intention is to provide educational and informational opportunities to health care workers and professionals in First Nations communities. The knowledge comes from your sharing of successful health practices and interventions, speakers, researchers and other experts.

The topics we cover can often be sensitive or emotionally triggering. Please make sure that you are looking after yourself. If at any point you feel that you need to talk to a friend, Elder, counselor, or family member: don’t hesitate to do so. Check out our Counselling Support Page.

Upcoming Events:


September 27th, 2021 – “Returning home and Pathways to Reconciliation” Film screening and conversation with Orange Shirt Day Originator Phyllis Webstad.

“Returning Home” weaves the story of two parallel narratives. The first is the story of Phyllis Webstad, a Survivor of the former St. Joseph’s Mission residential school in Williams Lake and originator of Orange Shirt Day. The second is the story of the steady decline of wild pacific salmon. This 45 minute film is the first feature length documentary produced by Canadian Geographic. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Sean Stiller, it is set to tour the film festival circuit this fall, beginning with the Vancouver Film Festival on October 1, 2021. [Register and learn more here]


October 14th, 2021 – Challenging Ideology: Looking at Historical Museum Practices Through an Indigenous Lens Part 1

This webinar will provide input into what it means to “decolonize museums” from an academic and museum perspective. Like webinar one, this panelist session with represent perspective rather than concrete answers. Questions that will be handled are: how do museums portray exclusion? What are steps museums must take to confront a colonial structure and systematic racism? How have museums pondered history of colonial appropriation and cultural restitution? [Register and learn more here]


October 28th, 2021 – Challenging Ideology: Looking at Historical Museum Practices Through an Indigenous Lens Part 2

For session 3, participants (audience members) will be invited to discuss questions or further discuss topics that have been previously addressed with the panelists. The intent is to have participants explore questions or dialogue further about the topics that weren’t previously covered. [Register and learn more here]


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