Webinar Support

We are excited to announce our partnership with Zoom this upcoming school year! Zoom is an easy to use video communication tool that will be hosting our webinar/conference call events (instead of WebEx). We hope that this page will aid in preparation for events and help trouble shooting during the usage of the application.

In case of any problems during the day of the webinar, please feel free to email: Learning.circle@ubc.ca Or if you are able to load the webinar but have trouble hearing, please feel free to use the “Chat” option to let us know and the Learning Circle staff will address your problems!

Before the Webinar – Zoom Test (Recommended)

To minimize problems that might occur, use the Test link from Zoom Website before the actual day of the event, please visit: https://www.zoom.us/test

  1. Press the “Join” button on the screen
  2. It will prompt you to install a zoom extension, simply download and install and you should be able to run your test session.  Be sure to test that your audio and mic settings are setup correctly, read more about this in the Troubleshooting tab.
  3. If you cannot download or run the extension hit the “Join from your browser
  4. The browser will then ask you to input a name, please do so! And hit “Join”
  5. When the browser loads, there might be a prompt to ask you to join by audio (please ignore this if prompted to join), simply hit the “x” to remove it on the right.
  6. Great! Everything should be working now! You should be able to see yourself in your own webcam, and you are set for the event!

Cellphone Users

Zoom has an amazing cellphone application which can allow users to access our sessions via any mobile device (iPads, tablets, iPhones, Android… etc). Simply go to the app store to download:

  • After the quick installation, load the app. You DO NOT need to log in or sign up for Zoom to use it.
  • During the day of the event, simply click the Zoom invitation link and it should load you into the screen, you do not need to hit “Join a meeting” or “Sign up” or “Sign in”

If the above steps do not work and you cannot join the meeting, proceed to look for the Webinar ID, this is in the confirmation email received during registration of webinar. Write down the Webinar  ID number and then go back to the app and hit “Join a meeting” and type in the Webinar ID

Resolving Audio Issues Through ZOOM

Please try the following steps.

  • Close the Webinar
  • Please head to: https://zoom.us/test
  • If you hit “Join”, it will take you to a mock session, and you can play around with the audio settings
  • In the bottom Left there is a little microphone and to the right there is a ^  key, please click that and select “Test Speaker and Microphone”
  • It will prompt you with guiding questions until it locates the correct source for you to hear. This should resolve your problems.
  • Reload the webinar with the given link from your confirmation email, or enter the Webinar ID (which is also in the confirmation email)

Similarly, you can repeat steps 4-6 during the webinar, or simply hit the ^ key and select the appropriate microphone input.