November 1st, 2022 – Plains Indian Sign Language and Storytelling with Floyd Favel

Join us for Plains Indian Sign Language and Storytelling with Floyd Favel, as we deep dive into the history of Plains Indian Sign language, its cultural importance and stories around this sign language art form.

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Date: Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 (PST)
Time: 10 a.m. to 11:30 am
Where: Free online via Zoom

About the Presenters:


Floyd P. Favel

Mr. Favel is a theatre theorist, director, essayist, based in Saskatchewan. He studied theatre in Denmark at the Tukak Teatret, a school for Inuit and Sami People and in Italy with Jerzy Grotowski, a Polish theatre director and one of the more influential theatre figures of the 20th century.

He is the curator of the Chief Poundmaker Museum (winner of the 2018 Indigenous Tourism Award). He is the director of the Poundmaker Indigenous Performance Festival, a global Indigenous festival that is multi-cultural in presentation. The premise of the festival is that Indigenous theatre is an artistic genre that is open to all People and not defined by ‘colonial identities.

He produced the documentary ‘Ashes and Embers’, a film about the Delmas Indian Residential School, directed by Alix Van Der Donckt Ferrand in 2021 which was premiered at the Presence Autochtone International Film Festival in Montreal, and it was screened at the Imaginative Film Festival in Toronto.

His book of collected essays on theatre methods and journalism was published by UNIWERSYTET SLASKI w Katowice, in 2022 in Poland in the Polish language. This is the first book published that articulate and outline an Indigenous theatrical method.



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