October 18th, 2022 – Keepers of the Water: Protecting Water in the Arctic Basin and the current threats to water with Jesse Cardinal and Daniel T’seleie

Decades of bitumen extraction has created trillions of litres of toxic tailings stored in tailings ponds in northern Alberta. Canada has proposed to deal with this growing crisis by allowing the release of treated, but still toxic, tailings into the Arctic’s largest watershed. Indigenous water protectors are resisting this action which would damage fragile ecosystems and infringe on Indigenous rights.

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Date: Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 (PST)
Time: 10 a.m. to 11:30 am
Where: Online via Zoom

About the Presenters:


Jesse Cardinal is from the Kikino Métis Settlement, where she grew up. She has seen a lot of changes to the lands and waters in her life as well as a drastic decline in wildlife. She loves to listen to Elders talk about how the land was, even before she was born. Jesse has been a youth worker, and social worker and has grown into the roles of coordinator and director for environmental groups. The community she is from was at one time primarily a Cree-speaking community, but due to colonization that is no longer the case. Jesse is attending the Blue Quills University part-time to learn the Cree language with the goal to help keep the language alive in her community.

She welcomes partnerships with other individuals, organizations, communities, and Nations. “We need to keep going and working to protect our waters, lands and animals, every voice matters and we need to have hope for the youth. The more who know what it’s like to fish, to hunt, to pick berries, to speak their own language, to pray in love, the better off our world will be.”


Daniel T’seleie is K’asho Got’ine Dene from Radili Ko (aka Fort Good Hope). He is a retired lawyer who currently works with Indigenous communities and organizations on issues relating to Indigenous rights and land protection. Daniel is also the N.W.T. Outreach Manager with Keepers of the Water and helps raise awareness about N.W.T. issues and concerns as it pertains to water as well as building partnerships in working to protect water. Daniel has been advocating for action on climate change for over a decade, and is a novice trainer in non-violent direct action tactics and strategy with a focus on environmental justice and Indigenous sovereignty.



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