Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Learning Circle?

The UBC Learning Circle is a partnership between the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health and the First Nations Health Authority. Our intention is to provide ongoing educational and informational opportunities to health care workers and professionals in First Nations communities via videoconference and computer webinar technology. The knowledge comes from your sharing of successful health practices and interventions, traditional Indigenous perspectives, both experienced and emerging speakers, researchers and other experts.

How do I participate/connect?

To participate in the UBC Learning Circle or Youth Learning Circle please complete the Event Registration FormYou can join by videoconference or computer webinar.

What’s the difference between Video Conference and Computer Webinar?

Click here to learn more about the difference between video conference and computer webinar.

Why do you post, or state a disclaimer with the UBC Learning Circle?

We acknowledge Indigenous people have been impacted by traumatizing colonial practices, such as residential school and/or the sixties scoop. The UBC Learning Circle is a platform for Indigenous peoples health and wellness conversations. These dialogues, which are meant to support Indigenous healing, may create unpleasant feelings, thoughts or be triggering for some people, therefore we want to remind our viewers to be aware of their own well-being and to practice self-care.

[Due to the sensitive subject matter and stories shared during the UBC Learning Circle sessions some participants may experience unpleasant thoughts, feelings or be triggered. Please ensure you have prepared a support system for yourself in advance in which you will have easy access to.  This could mean an Elder, trusted mentor/family/friend, Counselor and/or crisis contact number.]

Can I talk to someone about my unpleasant thoughts/feelings or if I have been triggered during a UBC Learning Circle?

We are not trained to support you. Please contact “The Indian Residential School Survivors Society” toll-free 1.800.721.0066 or 24hr Crises Line 1.866.925.4419 if you require further emotional support or assistance. For additional support numbers please go to Do You Need Help?

Where does the Learning Circle operate?

As of January 1, 2014 the UBC Learning Circle operates in a partnership between UBC and First Nations Health Authority and is a program housed within the Centre for Excellence in indigenous Health at UBC.

How does the Learning Circle operate?

UBC provides administrative support, programming and content expertise, resources, materials, space, promotion, and partial funding.

First Nations Health Authority is the primary funder and provides tech support, videoconference infrastructure, and assists in determining Indigenous heath priorities addressed by our programming.

I have this great idea for a session…

The UBC Learning Circle is based upon the sharing of knowledge. We always welcome your input of what you think would benefit your community. If you have a great idea about what you would like to see, or know of a great presenter or want to present yourself, please contact Aurelia Kinslow, Education Coordinator at or Divina Ridley, Program Coordinator at

I want to be able to view a past session. Why are some sessions not recorded?

We sometimes talk about some difficult things in the Learning Circle. Out of respect and privacy for those who choose to share their stories with the Circle, we choose not to record certain sections or entire sessions for this reason. Presenters may have also declined to have the session recorded for their own reasons.