We welcome you to take part in the UBC Learning Circle, an ongoing videoconference and computer webinar initiative that encourages sharing knowledge about our health and well-being. The UBC Learning Circle is a partnership between the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health and the First Nations Health Authority. Our intention is to provide educational and informational opportunities to health care workers and professionals in First Nations communities. The knowledge comes from your sharing of successful health practices and interventions, speakers, researchers and other experts.

The concept for the Learning Circle began with an informal dialogue between Joe Gallagher, Rose Adams, and Dr. Evan Adams at the November 2006 Health Director’s Conference where video conferencing was being used by Health Canada to record the event. As a result of that discussion, the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health was inspired to continue these dialogues among communities by utilizing videoconference technology.  We quickly saw the potential to share knowledge of our health and well-being and support our personal and professional development.

Our community partnerships and weekly discussions strengthen the Learning Circle and continue to make it a valuable asset to Aboriginal health practices. Many of us at the Centre and the Learning Circle are from remote communities ourselves. We know how difficult it is to be able to participate in lectures and additional training that originate in urban environments, as well as remaining connected to new and innovative programs and research. Let us be your bridge.

The UBC Learning Circle has three streams.

  • Learning Circle: Offers informational presentations to communities & healthcare workers that foster discussions on health & wellness. Also, facilities conversations between communities, healthcare workers, and provides a safe space to share, explore and problem solve.
  • Research Circle: Shares studies being conducted at the UBC School of Population and Public Health, as well as, from other UBC Departments, academic institutions and research centres.
  • Youth Circle: Provides career, education, and health options to youth, as well as, building knowledge and skills on topics such as sexual health, multimedia, time management etc.

Community Partners: The main partnership is with the First Nations Health Authority.  We also have partnered with a number of groups and organizations including:

  • UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology’s Indigenous Initiatives; Langley School District, Vancouver Coast Health Aboriginal Wellness.”

Sincerely Yours,

The Staff at UBCLC