2009/2010 Videoconference Sessions

Date Topic Presenter(s)
October 26/2009 Provincial Health Report Dr. Evan Adams
November 3/2009 Cultural Practices and Pandemic Planning Dr. Shannon Waters
November10/2009 Youth Circle: Live the Dream Rex Smallboy
December 8/2009 Youth Circle: Planning Session Lyana Patrick
January 26/2010 Body Centered Therapy, Complex Trauma, and Supporting Aboriginal Women Alana Earl Young and Teresa Howell
February 2/2010 Men’s Health and Healing Dr. Rif Kamil and Gerry Oleman
February 11/2010 Family Cycle of Addiction and Codependency Gil Lerat
March 9/2010 My Big Fat Diet Dr. Jay Wortman
March 18/2010 Youth Circle: Vision Quests: Find your Purpose in Life and Your Gifts Along the Way Gerry Oleman
March 23/2010 Self Care for the Carers Teresa Howell
March 30/2010 Program Evaluation Mary Knowles
April 6/2010 VIHA Tobacco Reduction/Enforcement Program Clay Qwulshemut
April 13/2010 Community-Based Research Yolanda Liman, Lauren Brown & Mary Ann Wilson
April 15/2010 Youth Circle: Holding onto Life: A Suicide Intervention Training Judy Davies-North
April 26/2010 Cultural Assets, Resilience and Aboriginal People’s Health Dr. Martin Brokenleg


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