January 30th, 2020 – Pathways to Physiotherapy

Please join us for this engaging conversation! Mutann Mac Cardinal will discuss his experience as a community physiotherapist, reflecting on how his professional practice is connected to his everyday life. Simone Gruenig and Louis-Alexandre Douesnard-Malo will share their perspectives as faculty and staff members of the UBC Physical Therapy program. Together, our guest speakers will explore various pathways to physiotherapy.

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Date: Thursday, Jan 30th, 2020 (PST)
Time: 10 a.m. to 11:30 am

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Thank you Mac, Louis, Simone for showing us the pathway to Physiotherapy!

About the Presenters:

Mutann Mac Cardinal has been gaining clinical experience in his craft for 20+ years. An avid sportsman from hunting and trapping with his Chapan (Cree for great grandfather/mother) to being an Alumni with University of Alberta Golden Bear Hockey. At U of A he was able to learn under Dr. David Magee, and continues to utilize these foundation teachings.

Early in his career was with Canada’s largest private rehabilitation healthcare companies Canadian Back Institute (now CBI Health). During that decade Mac became a clinical teacher of Dr. Hamilton Hall’s (Medical Director and surgeon) Spinal Assessment and Patterns of Pain. Becoming a clinic manager exposed him to Gallup Group models of building teams on natural talents and data driven management styles.

Being a life long learner and having an interest in the science of pain. Mac took positions with LifeMark Health to work with there large chronic pain programming. He was the Chronic Pain Lead Physiotherapist at the Meadowlark (Edmonton) and Keefer Place (Vancouver) clinics, which continue to run very successful chronic pain management programs.

After 2010, and a desire to work with organized sports, Mac moved back to his traditional territory of Prince George, British Columbia. A good friend and colleague had a successful Physio clinic up and running. They required a clinician to be responsible for University of Northern British Columbia’s Basketball and Soccer CIS teams, Functional Testing and private care.

Finally, Mac and golf met for real in 2012. It started as a great way to invest time after work being outside on the land. He held memberships at the Williams Lake Golf Club and Aberdeen Glen.
Becoming a TPI team member has always been a goal and a way to get a deeper understanding of the game. Mac looks forward to helping his clientele with their needs, and share his passion of this life long sport we love.


Simone Gruenig is an Instructor in the department of physical therapy at UBC.  She has been the primary cardiorespiratory clinical expert for the past 12 years.  She currently also works clinically in the down town east of Vancouver, providing community care within Vancouver Coastal Health.  She is chair of the Indigenous Initiative Advocacy Committee and was instrumental in establishing the physical therapy aboriginal admissions policy.

Louis-Alexandre Douesnard-Malo is the UBC Admissions and Recruitment Manager, he manages the admissions team and develops recruitment and marketing strategies that align with the department’s goals for the Masters of Physical Therapy Program.


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