October 11th, 2018 – Raising Resilient Children with Denise Findlay Part 2

Due to popular demand after session 1 one,  the UBC Learning Circle is excited for another session with Denise Findlay on Thursday, October 11th. In follow up to her previous session, Raising Resilient Children.

Indigenous people have suffered significant stressors in the past as a result of Residential School – that make resilience of paramount importance. A significant number of today’s Indigenous children and adolescents continue to be exposed to wounding environments both inside and outside of their communities. This session will explore our role as parents and teachers in ensuring that our children develop a strong heart- mind connection so that they can reach their full potential as emotional beings. We are all born with an innate capacity for empathy, compassion, and self-reflection, however, this capacity must be developed in the context of our relationships. This is especially true for our children. It is in the context of a deep emotional connection to us that this innate potential to become fully human is born and developed.

Denise will share:

  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s latest insights in regards to the keys to resilience
  • Her personal experience working within Indigenous communities
  • What adults, specifically parents and educators, can do in the context of relationship to ensure that our children and adolescents reach their full potential

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Date: Thursday, October 11th, 2018
Time: 10:00 am – 11:30am (PST)
Place: Participate live via video conference OR computer webinar.
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About the Presenter:

Denise Findlay, M.Ed., CPCC, ACC, is an Educator, Facilitator, Consultant, and Owner of Kweykway Consulting.

Denise is a bi-cultural woman who belongs to the Squamish Nation. She is a Faculty Intern,  Facilitator and Parent Consultant dedicated to supporting adults to make sense of children. Denise works extensively with First Nations in British Columbia and other parts of Canada and is a wife and mother to two highly sensitive, intense and bright boys. Denise’s passion for the Neufeld approach was ignited when she sought support as a parent and experienced Dr. Neufeld’s teachings to be in complete alignment with her deepest intuitions about parenting. Denise has been able to share her insights with Indigenous parents and helping professionals to empower them to be their child’s best bet and to look to traditional approaches to parenting that focus on attachment and life long, whole person development. Denise works with all adults wanting to make sense of children and youth using Dr. Neufeld’s insight and evidence based model of attachment and development to tease apart complex issues. Denise has experience training Educators, Parents and Parent Groups, Social Workers, Early Childhood Educators, Mental Health Practitioners and other Helping Professionals.

Denise provides one-to-one support to adults wanting to make sense of children. She also provides presentations and training for Parents, Educators, Social Workers, and Mental Health Professionals.

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