Trauma, Relationships and Interdependence with Dea Parsanishi

Working to heal trauma, both with First Nations and non-First Nations people, has led Dea to ponder questions about what helps people, families and communities survive. This conversation will explore ideas of attachment, interdependence and culture and their relationship to healing trauma. It will also include some cross-cultural concepts that have come from Dea’s own exploration of her lost (and becoming found) Japanese cultural background.


Dea’s PDF Version of her PPT Presentation:

Everyone welcome to participate:

Session was held on Thursday November 30, 2017

About the Presenter:

Dea Parsanishi, Med, CCC, SEP, SE Trauma Institute faculty member, Dea Parsanishi, has been working with traumatized children, youth and adults for over 20 years. She lives in a small culturally diverse community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, where she practices SE® with a particular focus on early developmental trauma and attachment. Dea’s SE® practice has been profoundly affected by her work with local First Nations communities and healers, and by their natural and ancient relationship to the underlying principles of SE®. Their ability to heal within this container of culture and community reinforces her belief in SE® and the power of our innate, organic intelligence. Dea brings this awareness of culture, family, human development and attachment to her teaching, bridging theory to practice. Link to Dea Parsanishi Profile


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