The Horse & Human team: The reciprocity of health, wellness & healing with Tiffany Burns

Photographer: Candice Camille

Tiffany Burns- providing some relief to a equine client

Imagine if your office job was, hanging out with horses…

Equine Sport Therapist(EST) Tiffany Burns, English, Swedish and Cree heritage, is at her office job!  Working with horses for 25 years in a wide range of disciplines, including ten years with therapeutic riding, Burns has a diverse set of healing skills to pull from. Massage has been used on animals for over 3000 years. With colonial contact our relationship to animals has been impacted. The act of colonialization slaughtered companion dogs that were used for their wool, along with the buffalo. A smaller breed of the horse used to walk Turtle Island, before the ice age, but with contact a larger relative of horse has spread across Turtle Island. This is the horse we know today.

With contemporary times our equine friends are used as healers for those who have experienced abuse, trauma, injuries or developing abilities. After ten years of working in the therapeutic riding arena with   as the manager, and the program coordinator with Pacific Riding For Developing Abilities Burns wanted to give back to our equine friends. Performance Equine Therapy reflects her giving back.

Talking Points:

  • How are horses used in contemporary times for healing, supporting and strengthening their human friends?
  • What have horses taught you physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually?
  • What is a Equine Sport Therapist?
  • What should we take away, practice and share?

Everyone is welcome to participate:

Date: Tuesday, April 21st, 2016

Time: 10am-11:30am

Place: Participate live via videoconference OR computer webinar Registration is required to participate

Meet the Presenter:

Photographer: Candice Camille

Tiffany Burns – another day at the office..

Tiffany Burns

I am a barrel racing addict who has been working with horses for 25 years in a wide range of disciplines. Growing up in the Pemberton Valley I competed in local shows and gymkhanas  along with being a member of the Pemberton Riding Club. I spent 5 years at a race horse farm as a youth before I pushed myself to the next level as a working student for a trainer in the lower mainland with several “A” Circuit Hunter/Jumper trainers. In my early 20’s I returned to the western world with a  Natural Horsemanship trainer and then off to Weatherford, Texas riding with Cutting Horse Futurity trainer. My passion for horses and helping others over flowed into the Therapeutic Riding arena where I was an Instructor, Program Coordinator and Manager for 10 years. My career as a certified Equine Sport Therapist(EST) began in 2009 with the launching of Performance Equine Therapy. While working I look around at the beauty outside and say, wow this is my office. Although my home base is Kamloops I am on the road offering treatments at horse events, barns or giving workshops throughout BC and Alberta. Please join me on Facebook at Performance Equine Therapy.


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