“Finding Dawn” with Jessica Wood

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2012, Jessica Wood joins the UBC Learning Circle to discuss the documentary and issues addressed in “Finding Dawn”.

“Acclaimed Métis filmmaker Christine Welsh presents a compelling documentary that puts a human face on a national tragedy: the murders and disappearances of an estimated 500 Aboriginal women in Canada over the past 30 years. This is a journey into the dark heart of Native women’s experience in Canada. From Vancouver’s Skid Row to the Highway of Tears in northern British Columbia, to Saskatoon, this film honours those who have passed and uncovers reasons for hope. Finding Dawn illustrates the deep historical, social and economic factors that contribute to the epidemic of violence against Native women in this country. ” (From the National Film Board Website)

Finding Dawn – Documentary by Christine Welsh/ National Film Board of Canada


Survival, Strength and Sisterhood – A film by Alejandro Zuluaga and Harsha Walia, based on concept by the Downtown Eastside Power of Women Group. (Part of Jessica’s story is shared in this film)


About the Speaker

I interned on “Finding Dawn” under the Direction of Metis Filmmaker Christine Welsh. I do work to address violence against Indigenous Women and I am a member of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Memorial March Committee for approximately 8 years. I worked as part of the Residential School Settlement for 3 years and am currently the Director of Development and Public Relations with AIDS Vancouver. Personally, I  am also a Gitk’san Artist specializing in Documentary, multimedia, painting and photography where I tend to  focus on often overlooked dimensions of contemporary Indigenous life, which is deeply inspired by the activism I undertake in my community.

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