Asthma and Allergies with Jo-anna Gillespie

Over the past 30 years the understanding of allergic disease has exploded. Unfortunately the number of people suffering from allergic disease has also exploded. In fact over the last 50 years allergic disease has increase by 200%. The question is, which has not yet been answered, why? Many theories are being considered but no one theory can explain the dramatic increase in allergic disease. This suggests that many factors are contributing to the allergic explosion we are experiencing today.
Survival in isolated communities demands determination, resilience and resourcefulness. The “Asthma and Allergy Care-­‐Peak Flow Meters to Inhalers” videoconference scheduled on November 3rd, 2011 will teach tools to manage your allergic disease rather than it managing you. The knowledge gained about asthma management will help you make informed decisions about your future care. Most importantly you will learn basics steps to reduce the prevalence of allergy and decrease progression of allergic disease effecting today’s generation of First Nations People and future generations of First Nations People. You will become empowered to take control of your health.

About the Speaker

Jo-­‐Anna was born in Victoria, BC and received her early nursing education at the Royal Jubilee School of Nursing. After graduation in 1977, Jo-­‐Anna worked in various areas of hospital nursing in Victoria and Vancouver. In 1993 she embarked on a new career direction in asthma research. In 1995 Jo-­‐Anna achieved her diploma in Asthma Care followed by her instructor’s certification from the Asthma Training Centre in the UK. In 2009 Jo-­‐Anna completed her Degree (Hons) in Respiratory Care from Edgehill University, UK.

Over the last 15 years Jo-­‐Anna has applied her asthma and allergy education to help both patients and allied health professionals in Canada, United States and Europe. She currently works with Dr. Mandl assisting with asthma and allergy care in Vancouver and outreach clinics located in northern British Columbia.

Jo-­‐Anna has completing two terms as the CSACI Chair of the Allied Health Section and currently is the western representative for the Asthma Society of Canada.


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