“The Crab In The Bucket…Transform Lateral Violence in YOUR Community Today”

Presentation Purpose

Participants will increase awareness, obtain skills and receive support in order to respond effectively to Lateral Violence in their community organizations. It is intended that this workshop will be the impetus for much needed change in regard to the unconscious use of power in Aboriginal community organizations. This workshop provides a safe space for participants to dialogue about this very sensitive topic. Participants will be empowered to make healthy choices, to create a network of support, and to have a voice that can influence sustainable change at a grass roots level.

During this interactive presentation participants will….
1.    Contribute to the creation of a safe space and supportive network

2.    Explore the impact of Lateral Violence and learn how to create positive change

3.    Identify toxic behaviours and practice responses that will build positivity in your community

4.    Build awareness and obtain new tools for working with conflict

5.    Practice managing emotional triggers that contribute to the cycle of Lateral Violence

6.    Experience a renewed sense of hope and understanding in regards to what is possible for YOUR


This course is designed for anyone living or working in an Aboriginal community or organization. Participants will be willing to take a proactive approach to changing the cycle of Lateral Violence in their communities and organizations. Participants will be committed to leading and creating sustainable change, and have an understanding of the challenges that exist in Aboriginal community organizations.

About Chameleon Strategies

Chameleon Strategies is a grassroots First Nations‐owned company dedicated to catalyzing positive change in individuals and organizations. With a diversity of experience, and a staff of four, our facilitators are leading‐edge experts in the design and delivery of workshops. Our focus is on building participants’ abilities in the areas of communicating positively, managing conflict, navigating change, developing leadership and team building.
The Chameleon Strategies team offers a unique approach that transcends traditional team building and problem solving models. We have advanced training in Process Work, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and certification from The Coaches Training Institute and Team Diagnostic International. We are leaders in the field and feature a comprehensive array of talent and experience.

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