UBC Learning Circle Year-End Evaluation


The overarching goal of the Learning Circle is to improve Indigenous health and to reduce health inequities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in British Columbia and beyond through the ongoing delivery of videoconference and computer webinar sessions on Indigenous health and wellness topics (mental, physical, emotional, and physical) of interest to Indigenous populations, health directors, health professionals, health science students, community members, elders and youth.

The UBC Learning Circle (UBCLC) completes a year-end report at the end of each fiscal year. These reports are an opportunity for our team to reflect on the past year and share some of our successes, challenges, and highlights of our evolving health promotion initiative. These reports are also one mechanism through which we aim to maintain our accountability to the communities we aim to serve.

We thank all presenters and supporters who make it possible for the UBC Learning Circle to provide educational and informational opportunities to health care workers and professionals in First Nations communities. The knowledge we share comes from your sharing of successful health practices and interventions, speakers, researchers and other experts. Thank you!

If you have comments or questions about our year-end reports, or if you’d like to share your ideas on how to improve the UBC Learning Circle experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.