Past Session Recordings

Below is a collection of recordings of past Learning Circle and Youth Circles.


Circle Date          Topic                                                                                                                                                                      
05-30-2017 Dollars and Sense: Financial Preparation for Post-Secondary Education
05-04-2017 Without Reservation: A Survivor’s Story II with Kat Norris
04-25-2017 The Empowerment of Aboriginal Women with Dr. Rosalyn Ing
04-18-2017 Part II: Indigenous Health Leadership with Leslie Varley
04-11-2017 Intergenerational Trauma and Intergenerational Healing with Dea Parsanishi
04-06-2017 Indigenizing Harm Reduction


Circle Date          Topic                                                                                                                                                                      
03-30-2017 Success Stories in Cultural Safety with Elder Roberta Price and Dr. David Tu
03-21-2017 Cultural Humility in Teaching and Learning: A Conversation with Dr. Evan Adams
03-14-2017 Without Reservation: A Survivor’s Story with Kat Norris
03-09-2017 ACCESS RDSP: Financial Security for People with Disabilities
02-28-2017 Spring Gardening with Gerry Kasten
02-21-2017 Warriors Against Violence with Joyce & Joseph Fossella
02-14-2017 Raising the Next Generation – Transforming the Legacy of Residential School with Denise Findlay
02-09-2017 Aboriginal Youth Voice Educating Adults
02-02-2017 Safety Planning for Domestic Violence Using the Medicine Bundle – Corinne Stone
01-17-2017 Indigenous Bio Cultural Heritage: Health, Wellness and Land – Julian Napoleon
01-12-2017 Part I: Indigenous Health Leadership with Leslie Bonshor
12-06-2016 Healing Salves for the Holidays with the Indigenous Plant Diva 
11-30-2016 Making Resilience Happen Through Youth-Adult Partnership
11-24-2016 Beneath the Surface – Suicide Awareness and Prevention 
11-22-2016 When Less is More – A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Managing Multiple Medications 
11-15-2016 Looking Back at our Traditional Roles in Midwifery: Looking Forward to our New Roles as Doulas and Midwives
11-09-2016 Take Care of Yourself, Man! 
10-27-2016 Differences Do Not Mean Deficits – with Shirley Morven 
10-18-2016 How grandparents impact Aboriginal Student Success with Mark Point
10-13-2016 Social Media for Advocacy, Income and Career
10-06-2016 Partnering Traditional-Indigenous and Contemporary-Western Approaches to Health and Healing
09-29-2016 Interactive Medicine Walk with the Indigenous Plant Diva
09-08-2016 Rooting Lateral Kindness in Community
05-24-2016 Supporting Those with Mental Health & Addictions
05-18-2016 Bug Sprays & Essential Oil Room Sprays
05-10-2016 Safe for Elders, Safe for All
05-05-2016 Stand Up: Warriors Called To Action!
04-26-2016 Spring snacks and summer treats gathered on the trail – with Carrielynn Victor(Xemontalot)
04-20-2016 Making Syrups for Cough and Colds – with Elli Reilander and Jessica Hueser
04-13-2016 Baby Friendly Learning Circle – with Gerry Kasten and Marianne Brophy
04-04-2016 Mindfulness: Tools for Restoring Balance


Circle Date           Topic
03-29-2016 Stress and Family Caregiving
03-15-2016 Pt. III – Youth Wellness: Transformation CUYSTWI
03-09-2016 Community Conversation on HIV/AIDS in First Nations Communities
03-08-2016 Aboriginal Student Success
03-02-2016 DUDES Club Talks Indigenous Men’s Health
02-24-2016 BC Early Years Centre Network
02-23-2016 Seeing Co-occurring Disorders through an Indigenous Lens
02-18-2016 Pt. III – Transforming Conflict: NonViolent Communication
02-16-2016 Pt. II – Youth Wellness: Healing: Tools and Methods for Youth
02-09-2016 Pt. II – Transforming Conflict: Lateral Kindness
02-02-2016 Pt. I – Transforming Conflict: Compassionate Assertiveness
01-26-2016 Pt. II – Living the Passion: Canoe Culture
01-19-2016 Pt. I – Youth Wellness: Beginning our Wellness Journey
01-12-2016 Pt. I – Living the Passion: The Modern Warrior
11-22-2015 Talking Midwives and Doulas
11-21-2015 Harm Reduction & Take Home Naloxone in First Nations Communities
11-15-2015 Indigenous Speaker Series
11-10-2015 It Takes a Village
11-05-2015 Fall Prevention and Community Care
11-03-2015 How to Create Support Groups
10-20-2015 Exercise Control Over Arthritis
10-13-2015 Raising Children in a Digital World
10-06-2015 Part I – Digital Health: Social Media, Youth and Health
09-17-2015        Naturopathy in First Nations Communities
09-08-2015        Making Teas with the Indigenous Plant Diva
06-11-2015 Dance Your Way to Health
06-03-2015 IndigenEYEZ
05-21-2015 Homecare, Rural Service and Hemodialysis with Dr. Michael Copland and Mary Lewis
05-19-2015 Visitable Housing for First Nations Communities
05-14-2015 Thinking Outside the (Lunch)box
04-30-2015 Responding to Elder Abuse in First Nations Communities
04-23-2015 Using Somatic Experiences to Understand & Treat the Symptoms of Trauma
04-15-2015 Come and Meet Our New Chief Medical Officer
04-02-2015 Preparing and Preserving Traditional Medicines


Circle Date           Topic
03-26-2015  Container Gardening Preparation & Recipes for Spring Foods with Gerry Kasten
03-24-2015  Decolonizing Tobacco use & Smoking Cessation with Gerry Oleman and Pamela Robertson
03-11-2015  NNAPF and Using Addiction Toolkits with Raymond Delray and Michael Martin
02-17-2015          Corinne Stone: How to Address Family Violence Using the Medicine Bundle
02-05-2015          Dr. Gabor Mate: Taming the Hungry Ghost
01-23-2015  Feeding Your Family with Gerry Kasten
01-20-2015  Meeting People Where They Are At: Harm Reduction 101 with Pamela Robertson and Gerry Oleman
01-13-2015  Registered Massage Therapy & Healing Touch from an Indigenous Perspective with Damian John
01-06-2015  Healing Addictions Through Culture and Community
12-11-2014  Healthy Eating for Better Mental Wellbeing with Rebecca Sovdi
12-09-2014  Laughter as Medicine with Ryan McMahon
12-02-2014  Interactive Medicine Walk with Cease Wyss
11-27-2014  Psychiatrist to Podiatrist: Head to Toe Opportunities in Aboriginal Health Careers
11-19-2014  Healthy Eating Will Take You Places with Suzanne Johnson
11-14-2014  Preparing Traditional Fall Foods with Gerry Kasten
10-29-2014  Contraception: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid to Ask
10-23-2014  Cultural Approaches to Healing Trauma and Crisis
10-15-2014  Resolving Conflict with Ancestral Tools with Dr. Patricia Vickers
10-07-2014  Myths and Truths About Diabetes: Coyote’s Lies or Eagle’s Wisdom?
09-23-2014  The ABCs of Growing Up with Denise Findlay
09-19-2014  Culturally Safe Dementia Care: Working with Elders and Nurses to Improve Care
09-15-2014  Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement: Personal Credits Notice
09-10-2014  Eating Healthy from Toddler to Teens with Gerry Kasten
08-08-2014  Strategic Plan FNHDA
07-10-2014  Human Resources Series: Labour & Employee Relations
06-18-2014  Making Healthcare Decisions: Aboriginal Experiences in Healthcare
06-11-2014  Aboriginal Women and breast Cancer
06-03-2014  FNHDA: Violence and Aggression in the Workplace
05-28-2014  Eating Healthy on a Budget
05-27-2014  Traditional Foods: Part II
05-20-2014  Dancing Your Way to Health
05-08-2014  Panorama
05-07-2014  Myths and Truths About Diabetes: Coyote’s Lies or Eagle’s Wisdom
05-06-2014  Aboriginal Midwifery: A Call to Action
04-15-2014  The Roots of Bullying
04-14-2014  Occupational Health & Safety
04-10-2014  Healthy Eating for Chronic Disease Management
04-01-2014  Music and Mental Wellness – Gerry Oleman


Circle Date           Topic
03-11-2014           Making Sense of Lateral Violence
02-13-2014           Getting Started on Physical Activity Leadership for First Nations Communities
02-06-2014           Healthy Eating for Better Mental Wellbeing
01-28-2014           Nenqayni Wellness Centre Society
01-21-2014           Healing the Wounded Mind
01-16-2014           Coyote Tales Theatre
01-09-2014           Traditional Foods
11-26-2014           Trauma-Informed Practice with Indigenous Children and Youth
11-20-2013           First Nations Health Benefits with John Mah, FNHA
11-12-2013           The Witness Blanket
11-07-2013           Supporting Aboriginal Youth in the Postsecondary Journey
11-05-2013           Fantastic Food for Babies (and Moms, Too!)
10-29-2013           Indigenous Role Model Trevor Mack
10-24-2013           Motivating Indigenous Self-Reliance: An Evening with Calvin Helin
10-16-2013           Aboriginal Midwifery as a Career Choice (Not recorded)
10-15-2013           Ch’Nook Indigenous Business Education Program
10-08-2013           Feeding Your Family Delicious Food
10-01-2013           Indigenous Youth Wellness with Elder Gerry Oleman
09-25-2013           YouthCO Presents ‘HIV 101’
09-24-2013           Healthy Eating for Better Mental Wellbeing
09-11-2013           Legacy of Indian Residential Schools


Circle Date           Topic
05-29-2013           UBC Centre of Excellence in Indigenous Health & the Cedar Project Partnership
05-22-2013           Gerry Oleman: Healing the Impacts of Colonization
05-14-2013           We’re Here to Help: A Medical Health Officer Presentation
04-30-2013           Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practice
04-17-2013           Breast Health 101
04-11-2013           Research Circle: Michele A. Sam – Indigenous Knowledge and Research
04-03-2013           First Nations Health Authority Interim Health Plan
03-27-2013           Aboriginal Offenders: The Generational Healing
03-12-2013           YouthCo Presents “Contraception”
03-06-2013           Cycle of Juvenile Justice: The Crisis of Aboriginal Youth
03-05-2013           Vancouver Coastal Health ReAct Adult Protection Program
02-28-2013           YouthCo Presents “HIV 101”
02-21-2013           Indigenous Peoples Career Stories
01-10-2013           Aboriginal Play it Forward Sports Foundation
12-12-2013           Indigenous Role Model Trevor Mack
12-06-2012           Aboriginal eMentoring BC
12-04-2012           Gathering Strength: Voices on Depression and Suicide
11-29-2012           Indigenous Role Model William Belleau
11-22-2012           Indigenous Role Model Alissa Derrick
11-15-2012           The BC Services Card
10-24-2012           Youth Circle: Sexuality – An Introduction
09-26-2012           Tripartite Transition and Transformation Update