Past Session Recordings


Below is a collection of recordings of past Learning, Youth and Research Circles from 2010 through 2017, You may also view past sessions on the UBC Learning Circle YouTube channel.



Circle Date          Topic                                                                                                                                                                      
05-24-2018 Legalization of Cannabis, First Nations and Health in BC
05-23-2018 Ancestral Knowledge and Northwest Native Plants
05-08-2018 Support and Building Networks – with Jeska Slater
04-24-2018 Indigenous Perspectives on Healthy Sexuality
04-10-2018 Funding to Support Indigenous Students’ Education Dreams
04-05-2018 Laughter as Medicine – A Four Directions Journey
03-27-2018 Garden Planning and Starting Your Bedding Plants with Gerry Kasten
03-22-2018 The Dance of Belonging – A 60’s Scoop Story of Healing and Transformation
03-14-2018 Taking Care of Each Other: Indigenous Perspectives on Harm Reduction
03-08-2018 Structural Oppression – Male Privilege with Harley Eagle
02-27-2018 Embracing the Critical Consciousness Theory in an Indigenous Context with Harley Eagle
02-20-2018 Trauma and Soul Retrieval with Dr. Patricia Vickers
02-13-2018 Are you PrEP(ared)? PrEP Basics and Knowledge Dissemination with Harlan Pruden
02-08-2018 šxʷʔam̓ət (home) What does Reconciliation mean to YOU? with Cindy Charleyboy
01-31-2018 Xwi7xwa Library: Community Research and Empowerment with Kim Lawson
01-23-2018 Facilitation Skills with IndigenEYEZ: Blending Technical & Creative Approaches
01-18-2018 Part II – Protecting and Restoring the Sacred – The 16 Principles
01-09-2018 Dance as a Pathway to Wellness with Willow Thickson
11-30-2017 Trauma, Relationships and Interdependence
11-16-2017 Program Evaluation in an Indigenous Context
11-09-2017 Part I – Protecting and Restoring the Sacred
11-07-2017 Responding to the TRC Calls to Action through Curriculum Design and Delivery
11-02-2017 Pathways to Post Secondary Education
10-26-2017 Alternative Dispute Resolution Process for Indigenous People
10-17-2017 Indigenous Peoples and Genomics
10-10-2017 BCANDS National Indigenous Federal Accessibility Legislation
09-28-2017 What is Postpartum Care
09-26-2017 Fall Harvest Menu
09-21-2017 FNHA Clients Transition to BC PharmaCare
05-30-2017 Dollars and Sense: Financial Preparation for Post-Secondary Education
05-04-2017 Without Reservation: A Survivor’s Story II with Kat Norris
04-25-2017 The Empowerment of Aboriginal Women with Dr. Rosalyn Ing
04-18-2017 Part II: Indigenous Health Leadership with Leslie Varley
04-11-2017 Intergenerational Trauma and Intergenerational Healing with Dea Parsanishi
04-06-2017 Indigenizing Harm Reduction


Circle Date          Topic                                                                                                                                                                      
03-30-2017 Success Stories in Cultural Safety with Elder Roberta Price and Dr. David Tu
03-21-2017 Cultural Humility in Teaching and Learning: A Conversation with Dr. Evan Adams
03-14-2017 Without Reservation: A Survivor’s Story with Kat Norris
03-09-2017 ACCESS RDSP: Financial Security for People with Disabilities
02-28-2017 Spring Gardening with Gerry Kasten
02-21-2017 Warriors Against Violence with Joyce & Joseph Fossella
02-14-2017 Raising the Next Generation – Transforming the Legacy of Residential School
02-09-2017 Aboriginal Youth Voice Educating Adults
02-02-2017 Safety Planning for Domestic Violence Using the Medicine Bundle – Corinne Stone
01-17-2017 Indigenous Bio Cultural Heritage: Health, Wellness and Land – Julian Napoleon
01-12-2017 Part I: Indigenous Health Leadership with Leslie Bonshor
12-06-2016 Healing Salves for the Holidays with the Indigenous Plant Diva 
11-30-2016 Making Resilience Happen Through Youth-Adult Partnership
11-24-2016 Beneath the Surface – Suicide Awareness and Prevention 
11-22-2016 When Less is More – A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Managing Multiple Medications 
11-15-2016 Looking Back at our Traditional Roles in Midwifery: Looking Forward to our New Roles as Doulas and Midwives
11-09-2016 Take Care of Yourself, Man! 
10-27-2016 Differences Do Not Mean Deficits – with Shirley Morven 
10-18-2016 How grandparents impact Aboriginal Student Success with Mark Point
10-13-2016 Social Media for Advocacy, Income and Career
10-06-2016 Partnering Traditional-Indigenous and Contemporary-Western Approaches to Health and Healing
09-29-2016 Interactive Medicine Walk with the Indigenous Plant Diva
09-08-2016 Rooting Lateral Kindness in Community
05-24-2016 Supporting Those with Mental Health & Addictions
05-18-2016 Bug Sprays & Essential Oil Room Sprays
05-10-2016 Safe for Elders, Safe for All
05-05-2016 Stand Up: Warriors Called To Action!
04-26-2016 Spring snacks and summer treats gathered on the trail – with Carrielynn Victor(Xemontalot)
04-20-2016 Making Syrups for Cough and Colds – with Elli Reilander and Jessica Hueser
04-13-2016 Baby Friendly Learning Circle – with Gerry Kasten and Marianne Brophy
04-04-2016 Mindfulness: Tools for Restoring Balance


Circle Date           Topic
03-29-2016 Stress and Family Caregiving
03-15-2016 Pt. III – Youth Wellness: Transformation CUYSTWI
03-09-2016 Community Conversation on HIV/AIDS in First Nations Communities
03-08-2016 Aboriginal Student Success
03-02-2016 DUDES Club Talks Indigenous Men’s Health
02-24-2016 BC Early Years Centre Network
02-23-2016 Seeing Co-occurring Disorders through an Indigenous Lens
02-18-2016 Pt. III – Transforming Conflict: NonViolent Communication
02-16-2016 Pt. II – Youth Wellness: Healing: Tools and Methods for Youth
02-09-2016 Pt. II – Transforming Conflict: Lateral Kindness
02-02-2016 Pt. I – Transforming Conflict: Compassionate Assertiveness
01-26-2016 Pt. II – Living the Passion: Canoe Culture
01-19-2016 Pt. I – Youth Wellness: Beginning our Wellness Journey
01-12-2016 Pt. I – Living the Passion: The Modern Warrior
11-22-2015 Talking Midwives and Doulas
11-21-2015 Harm Reduction & Take Home Naloxone in First Nations Communities
11-15-2015 Indigenous Speaker Series
11-10-2015 It Takes a Village
11-05-2015 Fall Prevention and Community Care
11-03-2015 How to Create Support Groups
10-20-2015 Exercise Control Over Arthritis
10-13-2015 Raising Children in a Digital World
10-06-2015 Part I – Digital Health: Social Media, Youth and Health
09-17-2015        Naturopathy in First Nations Communities
09-08-2015        Making Teas with the Indigenous Plant Diva
06-11-2015 Dance Your Way to Health
06-03-2015 IndigenEYEZ
05-21-2015 Homecare, Rural Service and Hemodialysis with Dr. Michael Copland and Mary Lewis
05-19-2015 Visitable Housing for First Nations Communities
05-14-2015 Thinking Outside the (Lunch)box
04-30-2015 Responding to Elder Abuse in First Nations Communities
04-23-2015 Using Somatic Experiences to Understand & Treat the Symptoms of Trauma
04-15-2015 Come and Meet Our New Chief Medical Officer
04-02-2015 Preparing and Preserving Traditional Medicines



Circle Date           Topic
03-26-2015  Container Gardening Preparation & Recipes for Spring Foods with Gerry Kasten
03-24-2015  Decolonizing Tobacco use & Smoking Cessation with Gerry Oleman and Pamela Robertson
03-11-2015  NNAPF and Using Addiction Toolkits with Raymond Delray and Michael Martin
02-17-2015          Corinne Stone: How to Address Family Violence Using the Medicine Bundle
02-05-2015          Dr. Gabor Mate: Taming the Hungry Ghost
01-23-2015  Feeding Your Family with Gerry Kasten
01-20-2015  Meeting People Where They Are At: Harm Reduction 101 with Pamela Robertson and Gerry Oleman
01-13-2015  Registered Massage Therapy & Healing Touch from an Indigenous Perspective with Damian John
01-06-2015  Healing Addictions Through Culture and Community
12-11-2014  Healthy Eating for Better Mental Wellbeing with Rebecca Sovdi
12-09-2014  Laughter as Medicine with Ryan McMahon
12-02-2014  Interactive Medicine Walk with Cease Wyss
11-27-2014  Psychiatrist to Podiatrist: Head to Toe Opportunities in Aboriginal Health Careers
11-19-2014  Healthy Eating Will Take You Places with Suzanne Johnson
11-14-2014  Preparing Traditional Fall Foods with Gerry Kasten
10-29-2014  Contraception: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid to Ask
10-23-2014  Cultural Approaches to Healing Trauma and Crisis
10-15-2014  Resolving Conflict with Ancestral Tools with Dr. Patricia Vickers
10-07-2014  Myths and Truths About Diabetes: Coyote’s Lies or Eagle’s Wisdom?
09-23-2014  The ABCs of Growing Up with Denise Findlay
09-19-2014  Culturally Safe Dementia Care: Working with Elders and Nurses to Improve Care
09-15-2014  Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement: Personal Credits Notice
09-10-2014  Eating Healthy from Toddler to Teens with Gerry Kasten
08-08-2014  Strategic Plan FNHDA
07-10-2014  Human Resources Series: Labour & Employee Relations
06-18-2014  Making Healthcare Decisions: Aboriginal Experiences in Healthcare
06-11-2014  Aboriginal Women and breast Cancer
06-03-2014  FNHDA: Violence and Aggression in the Workplace
05-28-2014  Eating Healthy on a Budget
05-27-2014  Traditional Foods: Part II
05-20-2014  Dancing Your Way to Health
05-08-2014  Panorama
05-07-2014  Myths and Truths About Diabetes: Coyote’s Lies or Eagle’s Wisdom
05-06-2014  Aboriginal Midwifery: A Call to Action
04-15-2014  The Roots of Bullying
04-14-2014  Occupational Health & Safety
04-10-2014  Healthy Eating for Chronic Disease Management
04-01-2014  Music and Mental Wellness – Gerry Oleman



Circle Date           Topic
03-11-2014           Making Sense of Lateral Violence
02-13-2014           Getting Started on Physical Activity Leadership for First Nations Communities
02-06-2014           Healthy Eating for Better Mental Wellbeing
01-28-2014           Nenqayni Wellness Centre Society
01-21-2014           Healing the Wounded Mind
01-16-2014           Coyote Tales Theatre
01-09-2014           Traditional Foods
11-26-2014           Trauma-Informed Practice with Indigenous Children and Youth
11-20-2013           First Nations Health Benefits with John Mah, FNHA
11-12-2013           The Witness Blanket
11-07-2013           Supporting Aboriginal Youth in the Postsecondary Journey
11-05-2013           Fantastic Food for Babies (and Moms, Too!)
10-29-2013           Indigenous Role Model Trevor Mack
10-24-2013           Motivating Indigenous Self-Reliance: An Evening with Calvin Helin
10-16-2013           Aboriginal Midwifery as a Career Choice (Not recorded)
10-15-2013           Ch’Nook Indigenous Business Education Program
10-08-2013           Feeding Your Family Delicious Food
10-01-2013           Indigenous Youth Wellness with Elder Gerry Oleman
09-25-2013           YouthCO Presents ‘HIV 101’
09-24-2013           Healthy Eating for Better Mental Wellbeing
09-11-2013           Legacy of Indian Residential Schools



Circle Date           Topic
05-29-2013           UBC Centre of Excellence in Indigenous Health & the Cedar Project Partnership
05-22-2013           Gerry Oleman: Healing the Impacts of Colonization
05-14-2013           We’re Here to Help: A Medical Health Officer Presentation
04-30-2013           Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practice
04-17-2013           Breast Health 101
04-11-2013           Research Circle: Michele A. Sam – Indigenous Knowledge and Research
04-03-2013           First Nations Health Authority Interim Health Plan
03-27-2013           Aboriginal Offenders: The Generational Healing
03-12-2013           YouthCo Presents “Contraception”
03-06-2013           Cycle of Juvenile Justice: The Crisis of Aboriginal Youth
03-05-2013           Vancouver Coastal Health ReAct Adult Protection Program
02-28-2013           YouthCo Presents “HIV 101”
02-21-2013           Indigenous Peoples Career Stories
01-10-2013           Aboriginal Play it Forward Sports Foundation
12-12-2013           Indigenous Role Model Trevor Mack
12-06-2012           Aboriginal eMentoring BC
12-04-2012           Gathering Strength: Voices on Depression and Suicide
11-29-2012           Indigenous Role Model William Belleau
11-22-2012           Indigenous Role Model Alissa Derrick
11-15-2012           The BC Services Card
10-24-2012           Youth Circle: Sexuality – An Introduction
09-26-2012           Tripartite Transition and Transformation Update



Date Topic Presenter
September20/2011  The Crab in the Bucket: Transforming Lateral Violence in  YOUR  Community Today!  Chameleon Strategies
September29/2011  Gathering Wisdom, Now What? Next Steps in the Regional  Transfer  Process  Grand Chief Doug Kelly (FNHC), Ian Potter  (Health Canada), Arlene Paton
October5/2011  Women and Violence in First Nations Communities  Dr. Colleen Varcoe
October 13/2011  Technology, Kids and Teens  Ross Laird
October 20/2011  10 Years of Recruiting & Supporting Aboriginal Medical  Students in the  Faculty of Medicine  James Andrew
October 26/2011  Best Practices Iron Initiative: Promoting Iron Health in  Pregnancy and  Beyond!  Cindy Hlus
November3/2011  Asthma & Allergies  Jo-anna Mandl
November9/2011  10 Things You Need to Know About Pediatric Rashes  Dr. Wingfield Rehmus
November16/2011  Native Courtworkers Model of Care  Native Courtworkers
November 23/2011  Youth Circle: Sexual Health  Aboriginal Youth Program
November30/2011  Suicide Intervention/Prevention  Judy Davies-North
December7/2011  Inter-generational Effects  Native Courtworkers
December14/2011  Kidney Disease and Cholesterol Problems  Dr. John Pawlovich
 January11/2012  Suicide Intervention and Prevention Training  Judy Davies-North
January 18/2012  Seabird Island Mobile Diabetes Clinic  Sue Falconer
January 19/2012  Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist  Bernice Johanson & Marlene Hoover
January 25/2012  Addictions Talking Circle  Gerry Oleman
February 2/2012  The Process of Recovery/Relapse  Gil Lerat
February 8/2012  “Finding Dawn”  Jessica Wood
February16/2012  Addictions: The Phases of Recovery and Relapse – Part 2  Gil Lerat
February22/2012  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) & Safe Sleep  through an  Aboriginal Lens  Tansey
February 29/2012  Seabird Island Mobile Diabetes Clinic  Sue Falconer
March 7/2012  inter-Cultural Online Network (iCON)  UBC eHealth Strategy Office
March 14/2012  Dermatology  Dr. Wingfield Rehmus
April 4/2012  What is Heart Failure?   Barbara Henessey
April 26/2012  H1N1 Outcomes of First Nations in BC   Dr. Evan Adams and Dr. Shannon Waters




Date Topic Presenter
September29/2010 Basis for a Framework Agreement on First Nations Health Governance Grand Chief Doug Kelly (FNHC), Ian Potter (Health Canada), Dr. Shannon MacDonald (BC Healthy Living and Sport)
October 6/2010 Health Human Resource Presentation David Lindley and Piri Robinson, First Nations Health Council
October 13/2010 Tripartite eHealth and ‘Panorama’ Karl Mallory, BC Ministry of Health
October 20/2010 Dermatology Dr. Wingfield Rehmus
October 27/2010 “Let’s Talk Second-Hand Smoke: A Gitxsan TRYAMF Project” Dr. Joan Bottorff, UBC OkanaganDebbie Sullivan & Roberta Mowatt, Gitsegukla Health
November 3/2010 Palliative Care Evelyn Voyageur
November10/2010 HIV/AIDS Sandra Sasaki, Positive Living North
November 17/2010 “Taming the Hungry Ghosts: Combining Science and Compassion in Working with Addicted Human Beings” Dr. Gabor Mate
November 24/2010 The Stigma Around FASD/ Working with Moms Christine Westland & Janet Christie
December 1/2010 “Lessons from my Elders: How Traditional Healers are Changing my Medical Practice” Danielle Behn-Smith
January 12/2011 Addictions Ross Laird
January 19/2011 HIV/AIDS & The Frontline Warriors Sandra Sasaki & the Frontline Warriors from Positive Living North, Prince George
January 26/2011 Dermatology Dr. Wingfield Rehmus
January 27/2011 Special Learning Circle on Community Based Reporting Template Dr. Shannon Waters
February 2/2011 Indigenous Food Sovereignty Dawn Morrison, Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty
February 9/2011 Men’s Health & Healing Gerry Oleman
February 16/2011 “Tripartite Evaluation of the H1N1 Pandemic Response” Dr. Evan Adams, Dr. Shannon Waters
February 23/2011 Suicide Intervention Training: A Brief Overview Judy Davies-North
March 2/2011 First Nations Mental Health in the North Dr. Charles Brasfield
March 10/2011 “Breaking the Family Cycle of Addiction and Codependency” Gil Lerat
March 16/2011 Living with Arthritis: Common Challenges and What to Do with Them Mary Pack Arthritis Program
March 23/2011 iNtercultural Online Health Network (iCON)  Dr. Kendall Ho,Dr. Lee Brown, Dr. Heather McDonald, Ida John 
March 30/2011 Emotional Competency and Its Effects on Health Dr. Lee Brown
April 6/2011 Concurrent Disorders Otto Lim
April 13/2011 “Talk Around the Clock” Charlotte Linford
April 20/2011 ENT in the North Dr. Fabian
April 27/2011 First Nations Mental Health Bill Mussell, Sal’i’shan Institute