September 2011 – April 2012

Date Topic Presenter
September20/2011  The Crab in the Bucket: Transforming Lateral Violence in  YOUR  Community Today!  Chameleon Strategies
September29/2011  Gathering Wisdom, Now What? Next Steps in the Regional  Transfer  Process  Grand Chief Doug Kelly (FNHC), Ian Potter  (Health Canada), Arlene Paton
October5/2011  Women and Violence in First Nations Communities  Dr. Colleen Varcoe
October 13/2011  Technology, Kids and Teens  Ross Laird
October 20/2011  10 Years of Recruiting & Supporting Aboriginal Medical  Students in the  Faculty of Medicine  James Andrew
October 26/2011  Best Practices Iron Initiative: Promoting Iron Health in  Pregnancy and  Beyond!  Cindy Hlus
November3/2011  Asthma & Allergies  Jo-anna Mandl
November9/2011  10 Things You Need to Know About Pediatric Rashes  Dr. Wingfield Rehmus
November16/2011  Native Courtworkers Model of Care  Native Courtworkers
November 23/2011  Youth Circle: Sexual Health  Aboriginal Youth Program
November30/2011  Suicide Intervention/Prevention  Judy Davies-North
December7/2011  Inter-generational Effects  Native Courtworkers
December14/2011  Kidney Disease and Cholesterol Problems  Dr. John Pawlovich
 January11/2012  Suicide Intervention and Prevention Training  Judy Davies-North
January 18/2012  Seabird Island Mobile Diabetes Clinic  Sue Falconer
January 19/2012  Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist  Bernice Johanson & Marlene Hoover
January 25/2012  Addictions Talking Circle  Gerry Oleman
February 2/2012  The Process of Recovery/Relapse  Gil Lerat
February 8/2012  “Finding Dawn”  Jessica Wood
February16/2012  Addictions: The Phases of Recovery and Relapse – Part 2  Gil Lerat
February22/2012  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) & Safe Sleep  through an  Aboriginal Lens  Tansey
February 29/2012  Seabird Island Mobile Diabetes Clinic  Sue Falconer
March 7/2012  inter-Cultural Online Network (iCON)  UBC eHealth Strategy Office
March 14/2012  Dermatology  Dr. Wingfield Rehmus
April 4/2012  What is Heart Failure?   Barbara Henessey
April 26/2012  H1N1 Outcomes of First Nations in BC   Dr. Evan Adams and Dr. Shannon Waters