Raising Resilient Children – with Denise Findlay

Join the UBC Learning Circle for another exciting session with Denise Findlay on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. In follow up to her previous session, Raising the Next Generation, this session will focus on Raising Resilient Children.

Indigenous people have suffered significant stressors in the past as a result of Residential School – that make resilience of paramount importance. A significant number of today’s Indigenous children and adolescents continue to be exposed to wounding environments both inside and outside of their communities. What is our role as parents and teachers in ensuring that our children develop a strong heart mind connection so that they can reach their full potential as emotional beings? We are all born with an innate capacity for empathy, compassion, and self-reflection, however, this capacity must be developed in the context of our relationships. This is especially true for our children. It is in the context of a deep emotional connection to us that this innate potential to become fully human is born and developed.

Denise will share Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s latest insights in regards to the keys to resilience and share her personal experience working within Indigenous communities. Denise will share what adults, specifically parents and educators, can do in the context of relationship to ensure that our children and adolescents reach their full potential.

Everyone welcome to participate:

Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2017
Time: 10:00 am – 11:30am (PST)
Place: Participate live via video conference OR computer webinar.
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About the Presenter:

Denise Findlay, M.Ed., CPCC, ACC, is an Educator, Facilitator, Consultant, and Owner of Kweykway Consulting.

Denise is a bi-cultural woman and a seasoned and dynamic professional with a passion for supporting people to fulfill their potential. Denise has worked in over 120 First Nations communities and organizations throughout Canada, including her own community The Squamish Nation. Although most well known for her pioneering work in the area of Lateral Violence, Denise’s focus is on facilitating personal and community empowerment, development and wellness. Denise specializes in Contemplative Education, Developmental Attachment Theory, Process Psychology, and Empowerment Training all through a Trauma Informed lens. Denise represents a parent voice on two Vancouver Coastal Health advisory committees intended to increase family involvement in responding to child and youth mental health.

Denise believes strongly that reconciliation and healing begins with and must include a reconciliation within one’s self and one’s lived experience, and one’s family. From our centre good energy ripples out to our communities and the world we share.

Denise holds Masters Degree in Education from Simon Fraser University focusing on Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education (https://denisefindlay.wordpress.com) and is a Facilitator and Course Assistant for the Neufeld Institute. Denise holds a BC Provincial Instructors Diploma from VCC and is a Certified Professional Coach with advanced training in systems coaching. Denise has spent over 6 years studying Process Psychology with Dr. Stephen Schuiteveorder (www.processconsulting.org) as her mentor. Most importantly, Denise is a truth seeker dedicated to meditation and visualization following and sharing the teachings of Mr. Tulshi Sen, International Speaker, Teacher and Author of Ancient Secrets of Success.

Denise was born and raised in North Vancouver to a mother of European decent, and a father of Coast Salish heritage. She currently resides in West Vancouver on the Capilano reserve with her husband Jay, her sons Jake and Max, and their dog Harley and cats Marshmellow and Buster. They enjoy a gentle pace together as a family where Denise is able to engage in her passions of daily writing, reading, movement and meditation.

Denise has extensive experience working with…

  • Adults responsible for children…providing Coaching, Consulting, Presentations and Training Courses to parents, educators, childcare providers and other helping professionals.
  • Indigenous Groups and Organizations including First Nations Health, Child and Family Services, Leadership, and Community providing…Facilitation, Lateral Violence Training, and Program Development.
  • Corporate Leaders and Teams…providing Team Building, Personal Development and Empowerment Training, Professional Coaching, and Cultural Competency Workshops
  • Educators…providing Professional Development Training, Contemplative Education Workshops, and Sessions on Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Additional Resources:

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