Dr. Joan Bottorff – “Let’s Talk Second-Hand Smoke”

The Gitxsan TYRAMF (Tobacco Reduction for Young Aboriginal Mothers and Families) Project grew out of concerns about second-hand cigarette smoke exposure that women and children experience as they go about their daily lives in the Hazelton and the Gitxsan area, and was conducted in collaboration with members of the community.  Data was collected through interviews with key informants, group discussions with young women, community surveys and observations in the participating communities.  Successful efforts of women and other community members in establishing smoke-free environments were described.  Potential avenues for extending these efforts to expand smoke-free environments in these communities were also identified.  Let’s Talk About Secondhand Smoke (2010) was produced as a community report on this project. The report features the voices and ideas of the community and includes a discussion guide for continuing the dialogue about secondhand smoke.  The report can be downloaded from:  http://web.ubc.ca/okanagan/ihlcdp/__shared/assets/secondhandsmoke16352.pdf

Dr. Joan L. Bottorff is a Professor in the School of Nursing and Director of the Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan campus).  Her research program focuses on health promotion and cancer prevention, including tobacco reduction.

Download Presentation Notes: Bottorff – Learning Circle Oct 2010

Download the Report: http://web.ubc.ca/okanagan/ihlcdp/__shared/assets/secondhandsmoke16352.pdf

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